Breathe with Clarity and Purpose

  • Expand Your Knowledge

    Understand and expand your knowledge of breathing principles. Enrich your understanding of what is possible to cultivate in a breathing practice.

  • Build an Adaptable Practice

    Gain a clear, non-dogmatic explanation how different breathing practices work. Build your ability to breathe with ongoing adaptability and responsiveness.

  • Clear Clear Pathways for Growth

    Learn how to design and stack breathing practices for different goals and purposes. Establish a breathing regimen that can grow with your practice needs.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the Course!
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    • Our Goal: Stability of Mind and Resilience of Body
    • Objectives
    • Meet Your Instructor
    • Prerequisite for Breathing Practices, Level II
    • How to use this course
  • 02
    Unit 1: Smooth Breath, Exhale-Inhale Transitions
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    • The Why
    • The What
    • The How
    • Practice Smooth Breathing
    • Teaching Tip #1
    • What's next in Unit 2?
  • 03
    Unit 2 Prolonging Inhalation and Exhalation
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    • The Why
    • The What
    • The How
    • Practicing Prolonged Exhalation
    • Practicing Prolonged Inhalation
    • Teaching Tip #2
    • What's next in Unit 3?
  • 04
    Unit 3: Breath Suspension, The Power of Empty
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    • Why and When to Utilize Breath Suspension
    • What benefits does Breath Suspension offer?
    • How to exhale fully into Suspension
    • Practice Breath Suspension
    • Teaching Tip #3
    • What's next in Unit 4?
  • 05
    Unit 4: Breath Retention, Hold That Breath
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    • The Why: Breath Retention Baseline and Overview
    • The What, Simple Breath Retention Exercise
    • How to perform Breath Retention
    • Practice Breath Retention
    • Teaching Tip 4
    • What's next in your Practice?

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