Listening Changes Lives

Learn Advanced Skills

  • Understand Your Listening Style

    Understand what makes you the type of listener you are today. Identify key formative listening experiences and the different ways that people listen. Find your listening power and use it!

  • Hone Your Focus and Abilities

    Clarify what your intentions are for listening to others. Examine in the different areas of your life as they relate to listening. Learn how to listen with purpose and skill.

  • Develop Compassionate Presence

    Connect your internal state of mind to your outer presence. Explore clear methods and steps to guide students/clients to their own answers instead of trying to fix them.

Listening 202

Listening as a Mentor, Teacher, Coach, Parent and More

  • 01
    Listening 202 as a Mentor, Teacher, Coach and Parent
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    • Listening 202 - Course Welcome
    • Do you listen to others as part of your work or home life? This course is for you!
    • Listening as a Mentor - Course Objectives
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    Welcome to the course!
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    • How to Achieve Maximum Benefits with this Course
    • Meet Your Instructor, Bob Butera, PhD
    • How to Use this Course
  • 03
    Unit 1: Listening Models
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    • Unit 1 Intro to Listening as a Mentor
    • Reflection: How did elders model listening for you?
    • Weekly Assignment Part I: How did role models listen to you as a kid?
    • Weekly Assignment Part II: How do you, as a Mentor, presently listen to others?
    • Weekly Assignment Part III: What is your listening goal?
    • What's Next?
  • 04
    Unit 2: Understand the Question: Asking 10 questions without giving any advice.
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    • Communication and Questions, Setting the Table
    • Clarifying Questions: The first question is a starting point; the real question is to be discovered
    • Practice: Listen to Friends and Family
    • Weekly Assignment: Practice asking 10 questions before acting.
    • Weekly Assignment: Listening at Work: Listening long enough to understand the situation.
    • What's Next?
  • 05
    Unit 3: Discerning Healthy Boundaries for Learning
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    • Stages of Change: Is Student Ready to Act
    • Discernment via the 10 Questions
    • Boundaries in the Action: The stages of learning
    • Danger Zone for Helper Listeners
    • Weekly Assignment
    • What's Next?
  • 06
    Unit 4: Compassion Benefits the Giver and Receiver
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    • Helper Baseline: How do you feel when listening to a person who is in pain?
    • Power Boost for the Speaker and Listener
    • The Key: Each person is complete where they are.
    • Compassion Cultivation
    • Weekly Assignment: Be an Effective Channel for Compassion
    • Before you go...

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