Supercharge Your Listening Capacity

  • Positive Self Communication

    Understand how you listen to yourself, and become aware of your internal dialogues. Learn how to be more supportive and nurturing in your Self communication patterns.

  • Communicate with Compassion

    Understand how you relate to others in various life roles. This course will jump start your process and build necessary skills for improving communication in work and family relationships.

  • Empowered Skills

    Gain empowerment by understanding your inherent gifts as a listener. Expand your ability to authentically and clearly express yourself in both internal and external dialogues.

Deepen Your Listening Skills

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Listening Introduction, Drum Roll Please...
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    • Course Introduction
    • Course Learning Objectives
    • Meet Your Instructor Bob Butera : Gratitude to his Mentors!
    • How to Benefit from this Course! You got this.
  • 02
    Unit 1 Make you aware of how your listening was shaped in your life.
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    • Step 1 Family dynamics around listening
    • Step 2 Educational impact to your listening
    • Step 3.A Community Influences
    • Step 3.B Community and Religious Experiences
    • Journal Exercise
    • What's next in Unit 2?
  • 03
    Unit 2 Listening to Yourself
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    • Intro to Unit 2
    • Step 1.A Birth Order and Famous Thinkers
    • Step 1.B Your Unique You-isms
    • Step 2 Listening to Own Emotions
    • Step 3 Honoring and Identifying your Deeper Values
    • Journal Exercise
    • What's Next in Unit 3?
  • 04
    Unit 3 Types of Listeners
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    • Step 1 Why do you listen?
    • Step 2 Modes of Listening, where do you hang out?
    • Step 3 Qualities of Listening
    • Journal Exercise
    • What's Next in Unit 4?
  • 05
    Unit 4 Listening Powers Healing, Connection, Success and Love
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    • Intro to Unit 4: Seeking Feedback in your Learning Journey
    • Step 1 Magical Powers
    • Step 2 The Don’ts: Don’t fix, Don’t change, Don’t make feel better, just Listen!
    • Step 3 Listening is Profound
    • Journal Exercise
    • What's Next? See below
  • 06
    Further Listening Courses
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    • Listening is Infinite
    • Listening Skills
    • Listening for Teachers like Mentors, Coaches, Parents, and other Care Providers
    • Listening for Enlightenment

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