Listening is a Profound Gift

Cultivate Compassionate Presence

  • Grow Your Listening Skills

    In a society where attention is considered a commodity, how do we decide what and how to take things in? This course will explore the art of attention in the form of listening, going beyond simple hearing into deep presence and communication.

  • Expand What is Possible

    When we identify what our listening style is, we become aware of where our gifts and challenges lie. This course will help you understand how you listen and offer you new profound new ways of relating to the world.

  • Change Your Perception

    When you have options for different ways of seeing the world, you also have options for differents ways of experiencing it. Deep listening is a choice that can alter the way we see, hear and experience the world.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Listening Skills: Deepening the Method of Listening Fully
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    • Using the 4 Elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire, as Guiding Principles
    • Listening Skills 201 Course Objectives
    • How Will Learning Listening Skills Benefit Me?
    • Prerequisite to this Course is Listening 101 - Foundations
    • How to Use this Course for Maximum Benefits
    • Meet Your Instructor, Bob Butera, PhD
  • 02
    Unit 1 Fire: Create Rapport
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    • Step 1 The Profound of Gift of Listening
    • Step 2 Listening as a Form of Worship
    • Step 3 Reflective Listening
    • This Week's Assignment Part 1
    • This Week's Assignment Part 2
    • What's Next in Unit 2?
  • 03
    Unit 2 Air: Open Minded Listener
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    • Step 1 "Just Be" by letting go of 'tout' (everything)
    • Step 2 Wait until the Speaker is Finished Speaking
    • Step 3 Listener as a Curious Learner and the Truth shall Prevail
    • Step 4 Opinions are Tough to Overcome
    • This Week's Assignment: Listening to Contrary Opinions
    • What's Next in Lesson 3
  • 04
    Unit 3 Earth: "Mine New Listening Modes"
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    • Unit 3 Home Practice Pacing Intro
    • Step 1 Knowing Your Go To Listening Mode
    • Step 2 Naming Your Mode
    • Step 3A Diversifying Your Listening Style
    • Step 3B Trying new Styles of Listening with Friends
    • This Week's Assignment
    • What's Next in Unit 4?
  • 05
    Unit 4 Water: Contemplate the Unanswerable Comfortably
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    • Step 1 Listen this Moment
    • Step 2 Listening like a Grandparent
    • Step 3 Let the Water Change Form
    • This Week's Assignment
    • Bonus: Couse Conclusion: Lifelong Learning
    • Course Conclusion Reflection Assignment