Experience the Joy of Relaxation

Relaxation Changes Everything

Discover your go-to relaxation technique. Learn about what research is saying about the effects of relaxation on brain health. Practice various types of relaxation techniques and find a few that feel right for you. Techniques and practices will be introduced; some from the yogis of past, and some from more common in today’s world; but all adding value to mind/body/spirit health. This course is a 6 week course, with hours of fun activities/practices.
Experience the Joy of Relaxation


  • Eric D.

    “Most people don’t really know how to create truly rejuvenating moments of relaxation. Dr. Bob shares a lot of insightful yoga knowledge in both the philosophical and practical realms that will shift your perspective on what it means to relax. Everyone can benefit from the lessons contained within. But, for the super-busy, always-on personalities like myself this course has life changing potential.”

  • Pat S

    "The variety of options and activities presented by Yoga Bob allowed me to find the daily practices that meet my time availability, while creating a sense of stability in mind. Powerful and recommended highly for anyone who wants to reduce daily stress."

Experience Deep States of Relaxation

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the Course
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    • Meet Your instructor
    • Course Objectives
    • Relaxation Space
    • Additional Resources
  • 02
    Unit 1: How Do You Relax?
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    • What Do You Do to Relax?
    • Understand Your Relaxation Habits
    • Making Time To Do Nothing
    • Relax
    • Body Scan
    • The Relaxation Response
    • Practice the Relaxation Response
  • 03
    Unit 2: Preparing Yourself; Getting Comfortable
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    • Simplicity: Providing Space
    • Relaxation Guidelines
    • Demonstration and Practice
  • 04
    Unit 3: Value in Doing Nothing
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    • The Value of Doing Nothing
    • Relax to Music
    • Focus on One Sound
  • 05
    Unit 4: Relaxation and the Mind
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    • Self-Awareness & Practice
    • Using Affirmations for Relaxation
    • New Patterns for Improved Health
    • Chakras as a Tool for Relaxation
    • Focus on the Heart Chakra
    • Creating Your Relaxation Plan of Action
  • 06
    Unit 5: Forgiveness and Letting Go
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    • Forgiveness and Letting Go
    • Everything is Changing
    • Accepting Life as Transitory
    • Om Relaxation
  • 07
    Unit 6: Relaxation Course Conclusion
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    • Who is Relaxing?
    • Concluding Thoughts
    • Your Feedback is Appreciated

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  • Robert Butera, PhD

    Meet Your Teacher

    Robert is the founder of The YogaLife Institute in Wayne Pennsylvania, and the CEO and Lead Teacher for YogaLife Online University. He holds Masters in Divinity from the Earlham School of Religion and a Ph.D. in Yoga Philosophy & Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Bob's Classical Yoga Lineage comes directly from The Yoga Institute of Mumbai, where he studied in depth in his early twenties. With over 25 years of full time teaching experience, Bob is known for sharing Classical Yoga principles in a practical way that connects students with their own divinity. He is the author of 6 books, The Classical Yoga Study Guide, The Pure Heart of Yoga, Meditation for Your Life, Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety, Body Mindful Yoga and the forthcoming Comprehensive Yoga Therapy: The Complete Guide (Llewellyn Worldwide).

    Robert Butera

    Founder & Programs Director

    Robert Butera