Free Your Mind from the Patterns that Bind

Self Regulation Through Awareness

The bars on the cage around the human-looking tree in the image here represent the beliefs we hold about life. This cage has a door that is opened to show how the mind may be set free. Normally, the next step would be to remove the entire cage. However, what if the cage was not a cage at all? What if the bars represented a protective covering like a safety helmet for the tree keeping it safe during high winds? Suddenly, you would realize that the safety helmet has a door and could be removed anytime you like. This shift in perspective is just what you can do with the patterns that may appear to bind and challenge your life.
Yes, I want to Free My Mind
Free Your Mind from the Patterns that Bind
  • Reduce Your Stress

    Does daily stress influence your outlook? What if you could change the negative effects that these situations have on you? What would your life look like with less stress?

  • Change Your Perception

    Yoga philosophy reflections, meditation practices and movement explorations offer beginners and seasoned practitioners of yoga strategies to gain awareness of the deeper qualities of their stress and carve out a new path to physical, mental and emotional freedom.

  • Learn New Coping Strategies

    With time and practice, situations that you find stressful can be managed and stress outcomes improved with more effective tools and healthy coping strategies.

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Stress Transformation for Inner Peace
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    • Meet Your Instructor
    • What You Will Learn
    • Reflection Exercises
    • Additional Resources
  • 02
    Step 1 - Listen
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    • Identify & Feel
    • Rate Your Stress
    • How Your Past Influences Your Interpretation of Stress
    • Past Stress Conclusion
  • 03
    Step 2 - Learn
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    • Welcome to Step 2: Learn
    • Stress vs. Anxiety
    • How Do You Manage Stress (Part 1)?
    • How Do You Manage Stress (Part 2)?
    • How Beliefs Influence Our Reality
  • 04
    Step 3 - Identifying Barriers
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    • Welcome to Step 3: Identifying Barriers
    • Technology and the Brain
    • Time and Priorities
    • Unplugging from Technology
    • Positive Opposite - Belief System
    • Positive Opposite - Transform Your Experience
    • Focus on the Opposite - Stumbling Blocks (Part 1)
    • Focus on the Opposite - Stumbling Blocks (Part 2)
  • 05
    Step 4 - Living in the Zone
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    • Stress and Your Future
    • Visualization: Fulfilling Your Intention
    • Meditate on the Opposite
    • Reducing Stress Quiets the Mind
    • Concluding Thoughts about Stress Transformation
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    Robert is the founder of The YogaLife Institute in Wayne Pennsylvania, and the CEO and Lead Teacher for YogaLife Online University. He holds Masters in Divinity from the Earlham School of Religion and a Ph.D. in Yoga Philosophy & Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Bob's Classical Yoga Lineage comes directly from The Yoga Institute of Mumbai, where he studied in depth in his early twenties. With over 25 years of full time teaching experience, Bob is known for sharing Classical Yoga principles in a practical way that connects students with their own divinity. He is the author of 6 books, The Classical Yoga Study Guide, The Pure Heart of Yoga, Meditation for Your Life, Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety, Body Mindful Yoga and the forthcoming Comprehensive Yoga Therapy: The Complete Guide (Llewellyn Worldwide).

    Robert Butera

    Founder & Programs Director

    Robert Butera