Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to Body Language Listening Course 204
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    • Who Benefits from this Course - Your listenees!
    • Have you ever been Considered Body Language?
    • Meet your Instructor, Bob Butera, PhD, "I know nothing about body language, so I can help you listen more deeply."
    • Course Expectations, Rationale and Outside of the Box Perspective
  • 02
    Course Introduction
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    • Prerequisites to Body Language Listening
    • Prepare your JOURNAL
    • Pace the Course weekly
  • 03
    Unit 1: Naming Your Audience & Baseline Exercises
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    • PIck 2 Easy Audiences First and 1 Money Audience
    • Work or Formal Situational Person to Study
    • Extra Credit Person or Context for your Daily Interactions
  • 04
    Unit 1A The Baseline Observations
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    • Areas to Observe, Copy this List!
    • Memory Exercise!
    • Observe Your 3 People in Real Time
    • Add a Twist to your Observations: What do you Think they mean?
  • 05
    Unit 2: Exploring Observations
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    • Compare your lists from Unit 1: Observe your 3 Friends
    • Check in with your Friends
    • Notice Patterns in Your Friends as well as Differences
    • List the Commonalities in Your Culture
    • List Differences in Body Language in Your Culture
    • Observation Lessons
    • Ready for the big Shift for Unit 3!
  • 06
    Unit 3: Look in the Mirror
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    • Look in the Mirror: Literally Step 1, hit 'Record'
    • Look in the Mirror: Step 2, Check out your Feelings and Body Language
    • Look in the Mirror, Step 3, Facial Micromovements
    • Journal time for the Look in the Mirror Programs
    • Extra Credit: The Stone Face Exercise
    • What's next in Unit 4?
  • 07
    Unit 4: Applications to Your Listening and Your Listening
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    • Use Body Language to open door for more listening
    • One Limitation: Being a Psychic while LIstening shuts the door to Communication
    • Stone Statue Exercise
    • Accept Ourselves and Others
    • Recover Conversation by Knowing your Patterns
    • Humility Respects Others and Adds a Dimension to Listening
    • Conclusion: Journal Your Personal Goals to Practice based on this Course!