Expand Your Yoga Therapy Business Model with Online Sessions

  • Take Your Offerings Online

    Examine how technology can enhance and expand your Yoga Therapy business model.

  • Expand Your Options

    Learn all about the different options you have to available to deliver Yoga Therapy sessions online.

  • Gain Practical Skills

    Get practical marketing tools and expert guidance for creating an effective online business presence.

Offer Effective Yoga Therapy Sessions Online

Meet the Needs of Modern Times

This course brings you the expertise of experienced online teachers and coaches, and is designed to help you explore and discover best practices for offering Yoga Therapy sessions online. Through a combination of lectures and guided exercises you will discover how to transform negative beliefs and fears about technology. As you bring your yoga therapy business online, you will be empowered to see and utilize technology as a tool to help you reach more people in a more effective manor.
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Offer Effective Yoga Therapy Sessions Online

Expand Your Yoga Therapy Business Model

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the Course [Introduction]
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    • Course Overview
    • About Your Instructors
  • 02
    The WHY for Virtual Yoga Therapy
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    • Today's Need for Virtual Options
    • The Benefits of Virtual Business
    • Exercise: The benefits of Virtual Yoga Therapy
    • Exercise: Finding some virtual tools
  • 03
    Virtual Sessions
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    • Initial Meeting
    • Managing All Sessions
    • Listening and Complementary Competencies
    • Practice: Listen to Understand
    • Practice: Listen for Emotions.... Getting to the Heart
  • 04
    Technology to Grow Your Business
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    • Welcome to Technology
    • Payment Options
    • Marketing
  • 05
    What Now?
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    • Activity: Building Your VIRTUAL Yoga Therapy Practice
    • About YogaLife Institute
    • Please Share Your Confidential Feedback

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  • Patricia Sullivan, PhD, C-IAYT

    Meet Your Teacher

    Patricia Sullivan, PhD, C-IAYT is a leadership coach and trainer, with over 20 years in leadership development. Her strategic management and culture design successes enhance her executive coaching results. Clients are challenged to shift fixed and limiting beliefs into a focused attention on building and leveraging relationships. Her passion for creating best places to work and leadership excellence has directed her profession and learning activities. Patricia earned her PhD at the University of South Florida; her major was Adult Education, focusing on Leadership Effectiveness, Emotional Intelligence, and Employee Engagement. She was awarded an undergraduate and graduate degree from Temple University, with a Human Resources concentration. Her many certifications include: Energy Leadership Coach, Wellness Coach (Yoga Therapist), Conflict Resolution Mediator, Master Trainer, Web-Based Instructional Designer, Yoga Instructor, SHRM-SCP, and SPHR.

    Patricia Sullivan

    Lead Instructor

    Patricia Sullivan