Redefine Your Relationship With Food, Uplift Your Body Image

  • Let Go of Guilt

    Examine how social messages, personal beliefs and morality language around food influence your relationship with your body.

  • Learn Self-Affirming Language

    Use Body Mindful Yoga as a pathway to embrace self-affirming inner dialogues and rewrite disempowering narratives around food and body image.

  • Find Peace & Acceptance

    Get practical tools and clear guidance for creating an environment of self-compassion and acceptance. Connect to your personal power and uncover a deep sense of peace within.

Redefine Your Relationship With Food

Receive Nourishment Through Self-Love

Using Body Mindful Yoga, discover a unique approach that combines self-reflective and active yoga practices with the power of language to uplift your self-esteem and body image. Through guided exercises and variety of yoga practices you will discover how to transform negative self-talk and beliefs about food into empowering ones, creating greater peace of mind and body in your relationship with food and life. You will also learn how to challenge social messages about "good" & "bad" food and embrace the act of eating as a form of personal power.
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Redefine Your Relationship With Food


“Jen presents the material in this course in a genuine, sincere and caring manner. It is a topic that can be challenging and triggering for some people but Jen makes you feel like she is right beside you on your journey. Through a variety of yoga techniques and self-reflection Jen empowers you to make small changes that can have a very big impact on your relationship with food and your body. ”

Kelly R.

“Body Mindful Yoga with Jen has been an awesome refresher and reminder for me to be more aware of how I view my relationship with food and my body since leaving treatment for an eating disorder a couple years ago. This class couldn't have come at a better time! The way Jen presents the material is gentle, but also thought provoking. The exercises hit home and help you dig a little deeper, and I loved the extra yoga sequences! I would 100% recommend this to a friend, or anyone who struggles with body image or self talk.”

Ashley G

“This course takes you on a powerful inward journey towards greater self-love. It provides great insight into how our relationship with food and with our body is shaped through culture, media and self-talk, helping you become more aware of harmful patterns. The exercises and practices really helped to shift my inner dialogue and my relationships with my body and with food. Highly recommended!”

Linda D.

“"All I can say is wow! I loved this training by Jennifer. This summer I saw an increase in my client calls from worried parents who were looking for support for their children struggling with eating disorders. I found Jennifer’s online training and couldn’t be happier. The course helped me develop a curriculum that addressed the needs of both the body and the mind. My clients love getting on the mat to become comfortable in their own skin."”

Rachel Dash-Dougherty, LCSW, RYT200

Nourishing Love & Self-Acceptance

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the Course [Introduction]
    Show Content
    • Course Overview
    • About Your Instructor
  • 02
    Body Mindful Yoga & Letting Go of Food Guilt [Week 1]
    Show Content
    • Highway Out of Guilt Town
    • Identifying Your Starting Point
    • Exercise: Your Body Mindful Baseline
    • Exercise: Short Guided Meditation on Self-Compassion
    • Practice: Watch Your Words
    • See You Next Week
    • Bonus Yoga Practice: Get In Sync With Your Body (30 minutes)
  • 03
    Untangling Your Moral Worth From Food [Week 2]
    Show Content
    • Welcome to Week 2
    • Week 1 Practice Check In
    • Morality Language & Food
    • Exercise: How Do You Talk About Food?
    • Exercise: "Find the Ground" Yoga Practice
    • Creating Body Mindful Language About Food
    • Practice: Transforming Guilt Into Self-Affirming Statements
    • Bonus Yoga Practice: Attention to Sensation (30 minutes)
  • 04
    Body Mindful Yoga Practices for Your Inner Life [Week 3]
    Show Content
    • Welcome to Week 3
    • Week 2 Practice Check In
    • The Brain and Why Your Words Really Do Matter
    • Guest Lecture With Bob Butera, PhD, on the Yoga of Nourishment
    • What's a Body Mindful Yoga Practice?
    • Exercise: Body Mindful Yoga Pose Practice
    • Practice: Your Home Body Mindful Yoga Practice
    • 3 Down, 1 to Go!
    • Bonus Yoga Practice: Connect With Your Strengths & Capabilities (30 minutes)
  • 05
    Living Body Mindfully In Your Relationship With Food [Week 4]
    Show Content
    • Welcome to Week 4
    • Week 3 Practice Check In
    • Listening & Speaking With Kindness Versus Guilt
    • Exercise: Guided Relaxation on Body Mindful Language With Food
    • Exercise: Set a Body Mindful Goal
    • Continuing Your Body Mindful Yoga Journey
    • Please Share Your Confidential Feedback

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  • Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD

    Meet Your Teacher

    Jennifer is a dedicated Yoga practitioner of over 20 years. She is the founder of Yoga for Eating Disorders, mother of two girls, a Yoga teacher, Yoga Therapist, and professional writer. She is the co-author of Body Mindful Yoga: Create a Powerful and Affirming Relationship With Your Body (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2018). She writes and speaks on the healing and empowering practices and philosophies of Yoga. Her Yoga Therapy specialties include eating disorder recovery and body image. Jennifer is passionate about studying Yoga philosophy and connecting and working with new yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

    Jennifer Kreatsoulas

    PhD, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

    Jennifer Kreatsoulas